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About Us



Yaar Properties one of the leading real estate companies in the field of selling, leasing, and renting properties within the UAE, and a number of other countries.
Dr. Nazi Marzban (Ph.D in Economics in USA and Masters Degree in International Law in USA) had been working as a finance planner and a real estate Manager in USA for nearly 20 years, and one and half years more –in Dubai) will take a good care of any of your real estate related needs.
If you have any query or requirements for buying, reselling, renting a villa, an apartment, land, a warehouse, a labor camp, etc., we will be happy to assist you with it.
We provide a one-stop service for any one, who is planning to purchase, or to sell property in the UAE. We deal with residential property for investment or personal use, as well as with commercial property to place your company in the fast-growing business environment of the UAE.
Our services include property search, mortgage and re-mortgage, rental portfolio management, and property management. Also, we will provide you with a professional financial advice, especially on the structure of prices on upcoming Real Estate projects and counseling of individual and institutional investors, whilst continuing to focus on client needs and long-term relationship building.
In order to match the growing demand in the UAE property market, we have a large team of experienced professionals to assist in fulfilling any of your property requirements, with no difference either you are an individual, or a company. We always have something for everyone, no matter of what would be our client’s budget.

Yaar Properties staff is looking forward to the establishment of mutually beneficial business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to find the best property available in the market.

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